HVAC Service Stickers Ideas

Be the First Call with Quality HVAC Service Reminders

HVAC Service Sticker
A Service Reminder Label on a Thermostat

HVAC companies know that the small cost of service labels pays off quickly when a customer makes an emergency service call. So make sure you’re buying quality labels that can resist the heat and humidity of a utility room. Superior Labels offers gold and silver foil stocks that hold up and look great for years.

Here are Some Ideas for Using HVAC Service Stickers:

  • When the furnace or air-conditioner goes out, the first place people check is the thermostat. This is great location for HVAC service contractors to place a service sticker. Address labels are the perfect size for this application.

  • Make a custom QR Code and place it on HVAC equipment. This QR Code could contain a link to a quick video or text message that explains simple troubleshooting steps before placing an emergency call. Use our image upload feature to add your QR code (your code must be saved in a .jpg or .bmp format first).

  • Place stickers on furnaces, air-conditioners including portable window units, heat pumps, water heaters, and inside remote control battery compartments.

Do you have a creative idea on how to use HVAC service tags? Please let us know about it by e-mail or send us a message on Facebook.

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