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Roll Box Instructions

Step 1

Flattened Box Being Squared Up

Square up flattened box.

Step 2

Bottom of Box Being Assembled with Tabs in and Flap Tucked over Them

Assemble the bottom of the box by folding in the two small tabs then tucking in the larger flap over them.

Step 3

Box Being Held Upright

Turn the box over so the top side is facing up (the printing will read properly on the sides). The large flap should be at the back.

Step 4

Photo of Rolled Labels Being Placed in Box

Drop in the roll of address labels with the end of the roll unwinding in a clockwise direction as shown.

Step 5

Labels Being Pulled out of Box to the Left While Right Tab is Held in.

Fold in the small tab on the right and pull a length of about 5 labels out of the left side of the box (label side will be facing down).

Step 6

Photo of Labels Being Inserted into the Slot on the Top Flap of Box

Folding the top flap down toward you, follow the arrow on the box top and insert a length of about 2 labels into the slot.

Step 7

Labels Being Pulled out to the Right under Top Flap of Box

Pull the length of inserted labels over the small right tab and out the right side of the box (label side will be facing up).

Step 8

Photo of Top Flap Tucked into Box with Front Panel Lock Being Activated

Tuck in the top flap of the box. Insert the small tab at the top of the front panel into the center slot of the top flap to lock it in place.

Step 9

Labels Being Pulled out of Right Side of Box While a Label Pops up out of Left Side

The dispenser box is now assembled. To dispense labels, pull the length of labels out from the right. A label will then pop-up on the left side for easy removal.

Step 10

Photo of Assembled Dispenser

Enjoy your new dispenser! The handy slot on the side lets you know how many labels are left so you can reorder before your supply runs out.