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Bulk Mailing List Video

Instructional video showing how to use our system
to prepare and order your Mailing List Address Labels.

Transcript of Bulk Mailing List Video

[Super Labels Home Page]

Hello and welcome to Superior Labels! I am Scott Lee, president and founder in 1995.

Today, I will be showing you how to use our ability to print spreadsheets on address labels for your mailings.

[Bulk Mailing List Page — Choose Print Option]

We have two options:

The first is the One Name Per Label product where we print one label for every row in your spreadsheet. This is perfect for eliminating the need to hand-address your envelopes. This option prints on our 30-labels-per-page format.

The second option is our One Name Per Page where we print a whole page of labels for every row in your spreadsheet. This is perfect for realtors or fundraisers who wish to give a gift. This option prints on our 60-labels-per-page format which is folded to fit into a #10 business envelope.

On the One Name Per Page, you can upload a graphic. But on the One Name Per Label, you cannot because that format is specific for mailing.

Today, I will be using the One Name Per Label as an example, but the process is identical for both options. So let’s start by clicking on “One Name Per Label”.

[Bulk Mailing List Page — Choose Data Entry Method]

On this screen, you can manually create an address list by entering your names and addresses one at a time.

However, our recommendation is that you create a spreadsheet in Excel and upload it to our system. The advantage of having your information in a spreadsheet is the ability to reuse it in the future or use it for other purposes like mail merging a letter.

Note that on this page, we have a Spreadsheet Template that you can use to enter your information. Our first example uses this template.

Click on “Browse” to select the spreadsheet to upload. The size of your spreadsheet and your internet connection speed will determine the time required for upload, so please be patient.

[Bulk Mailing List Page — Adjust Your Uploaded File]

Once your spreadsheet is uploaded, this screen appears.

The first record is displayed in a Preview to give you an idea how the labels will appear. And you can adjust the look (for example, the font styles) in the next screen.

The system will try to match the column headers with the available fields.

In this case, you can see that it did not properly match the “City” and “State” fields. Simply click on the dropdown and, in this case, pick “City”; in this case, pick “State”; and scroll over and fix the “ZIP Code” field.

This misalignment occurred because I deleted the “Address Line 3” to show what happens when you don’t have a format that quite matches.

You notice that it tells you that there are 85 Rows and shows you the first four rows. And it shows you a Preview on what the labels will look like.

Let’s do something to try to make this look a little bit better:

We have an apartment number. Let’s put that on the same line as “Address Line 1”.

You can see that that popped the size of the text up. The system automatically tries to best fit the label on both the horizontal and vertical directions and that allowed the text to get larger because we went from four lines of text to three.

Notice in the dropdown we do have the option of “Do Not Print”. If you have additional fields in your database that you do not want on labels, you simply choose that and they will not print.

At the bottom, you can see that you can upload lists that have heading information in the first row. And we strongly encourage the use of column headings. Excel can get confused and think that the “ZIP Code” field should be treated as a number and remove leading zeros. Having Column Headers will prevent this problem. The default is to indicate that you have column headers in the spreadsheet and that is true of this example: the first row will not be printed on a label.

So what if your spreadsheet had multiple fields that you wanted to combine? For example, in this spreadsheet, we have Salutation, FirstName, LastName; all those should be combined into a single line. What do you do about that? Well, first, make sure that these columns are in the order that you want them on the labels. For example, if you had LastName and then FirstName, swap the column order before you upload the spreadsheet. Then use the dropdowns and select “Name” for each one of these fields. The software will properly concatenate and add spaces if it’s necessary.

Simply click on the “Continue” button once you have made the proper field assignments and the Preview looks correct.

[Bulk Mailing List Page — Uploaded Information]

This page allows you to page through your list and make edits. If you see a few minor changes, you can make them here. However, I recommend that you make the changes in your original spreadsheet and re-upload it if you spot any issues.

The most important item on this page is the Spreadsheet Copies, which is at the bottom. [This shows] you will be receive your list printed one time.

However, if you’re preparing for a wedding, you might know that you’ll eventually send, not only “Save the Date” postcards, but you’re going to send Wedding Invitations and then, eventually, Thank You notes. In this case, you may want to change this and say you want three copies.

Multiple copies are less expensive than ordering multiple times, because you will pay shipping on each order, whereas, if you order them all at the same time, you’ll only pay shipping once.

After you have chosen your copies, click on the “Style Options”.

[Bulk Mailing List Page — Choose Label Options]

This page has several important choices.

First, choose whether you’re going to have White Labels or Clear.

Observe what happens when we change to Clear. First, the Preview tells you that the stock is different. The gray background indicates that you’re getting Clear Labels. And, at the bottom, your price is $3 a page.

If we go back and choose White Labels, the price is $2 a page.

Clear stock is significantly more expensive, which is why the price is a little bit higher.

The default selection for Text Color, Alignment, Font Style, Size, Bold, Italic, Underline are preset.

If your background color is white (in other words, your envelope is white) and you use White Labels, you can pick any color text and it’ll look good.

However, if you choose Clear, you need to be careful. If you’re using these to address colored envelopes, you need a Text Color with a high contrast to help the mailing equipment. For example, if the envelope is a dark color, say a gray or even a black, pick a high contrast color like Yellow. And in that particular example, I would also recommend that you Bold the text to make it stand out a little bit better. Postal scanning equipment is really good and works great with any of our Font choices, as long as the contrast is good.

Margin Messages are not used on the One Name Per Label product. Its purpose is to allow fundraisers to add custom Thank You messages above the fold lines on the 60-labels-per-page stock.

Next, click on “Add to Cart".

[Your Shopping Cart]

The Shopping Cart shows you a Preview of the first record in your list, the total number of Pages, your total before Shipping and the cost of the various Shipping Options. You will choose your Shipping Option on the Secure Checkout page.

Please do not adjust Page Quantity. This is an option for regular customers who are ordering individual pages and it will cause the Order to fail verification and will be held for a review. If you want us to wait before production, that option is on the Secure Checkout page.

Next, click “Secure Checkout”.

[Check Out]

The Secure Checkout page is the final step.

First, choose your Billing Method. You can Pay By Credit Card Online, which is the most popular option. And notice that our website is secure; the green highlighted area means that we pass what is called Extended Verification.

The second Option is to Pay By Check. We will hold the Order until we receive your check. This can delay your processing for 7–10 business days.

The third Option is to Pay By Phone. You will receive two emails from us once an Order is placed. The first one will happen immediately from the website. And the second one will be sent the next day when we load Orders into our Production System. After you receive that email, call us with your Order.

Next, enter your Email Address and your Phone Number so that we can contact you with any issues.

In addition, you can use this Special Instruction Comments field for special requests. Any message in this Special Instructions field will cause the Order to be held for manual review.

Next, enter your Shipping Information and pick your Shipping Method.

First Class is generally your best value, but if you’re in the US and needed expedited delivery, choose Priority or Express Mail. First Class Orders are loaded and printed the same day and mailed the next business day. Priority and Express Orders are loaded and printed the same day. Keep in mind that that load will happen the next business day after you process your order.

Notice that if you click Canada or International, that the fields allow for some variation and flexibility that is needed for oversea addresses.

Lastly, review this Charge Summary. (And I'm going to go back to First Class.) And then, of course, you have to enter your Shipping Address and, lastly, click on “Complete Order”, and we will do the rest!

If you have a very large list of over 200 Pages, call and ask for me. We have aggressive discounts for large quantities or customers who frequently reorder.

Thank you for watching this video. I appreciate your interest and business. Remember, you can always call our 800 number that’s listed at the bottom of every page, during normal business hours, with any questions.

Thanks again!