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FAQ — Common Questions

1. Are Superior Labels self-sticking?

Yes, all labels are peel & stick.

2. How many characters fit on a label?

Maximum characters are not specified because Superior Labels’ unique dynamic text condensing process fits the copy to the label. Over 150,000 orders have been filled successfully with this process. However, please include a phone number or e-mail address when the order is placed so notification can be received in the rare instance there is a problem. Keep in mind that the more characters placed on a line, the smaller and more “squished” the text will appear. The longest line received has been 48 characters!

3. How long does it take to receive an order?

On-line orders are collected once a day, in the morning. Sheet labels are printed and mailed via First class mail the next business day. After that, it falls under the purview of the US Postal Service. Allow a week to ten days for postal delivery. Roll labels take 1-2 days to process in addition to the normal delivery time.

4. Are e-mails sent when an order is placed or shipped?

Yes — if a valid e-mail address is provided, a confirmation e-mail is sent when an order is loaded into the production system. This is an “Order Received” notification. An e-mail is also sent when the order is complete and in the mail.

5. Does an “address” have to be used on a label?

No. Any specified text can be placed on a label. (Profanity is not acceptable and the order will not be filled!) Of course, when placing the order, a valid ship-to address must be given!

6. Does Superior Labels ship overseas?

Yes. An additional charge is added which equals the extra postage needed for that particular country. This additional amount is not shown on the order entry screen since it is weight dependent. Of course, extra time should be allowed, as each country’s mail service varies greatly in delivery speed.

7. Is there an extra charge for military addresses?

No. The US postal system treats AFO/APO addresses the same as any other domestic delivery.

8. Does Superior Labels have Family Labels?

No, but Family Labels is recommended as an excellent resource. Providing a wide variety of customization options for Family address labels, they are enjoyed by families everywhere.