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HVAC Service Stickers Ideas

Be the First Call with Quality HVAC Service Reminders

HVAC Service Sticker
A Service Reminder Label on a Thermostat

HVAC companies know that the small cost of service labels pays off quickly when a customer makes an emergency service call. So make sure you’re buying quality labels that can resist the heat and humidity of a utility room. Superior Labels offers gold and silver foil stocks that hold up and look great for years.

Here are Some Ideas for Using HVAC Service Stickers:

  • When the furnace or air-conditioner goes out, the first place people check is the thermostat. This is great location for HVAC service contractors to place a service sticker. Address labels are the perfect size for this application.

  • Place stickers on furnaces, air-conditioners including portable window units, heat pumps, water heaters, and inside remote control battery compartments.