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Affordable Product Labels for Small Business

Short-Run Printers Offer the Best Product Label Solutions for Small Businesses

Small Business Product Labels
Small Business Product Labels

Most labeling companies have minimum quantity requirement for product and ingredient labels. Because of these requirements, many micro businesses have resorted to do-it-yourself label solutions that often lack a quality level equal to their products. Labels help sell products, but expensive labels and packaging can make it difficult for micro or cottage businesses to meet an important price point.

Short-run or just-in-time printers make affordable product labels for boutique businesses that help them stand out from the competition. Short-run printers are designed to print high-quality affordable products quickly.

Superior Labels uses address label stock to produce high-quality, low-quantity labels for home-based and small businesses. These small labels are ideal for local growers who use them for both product and ingredient labels. Unlike other label printers, Superior Labels has no minimum quantity. You can order just one sheet of labels or hundreds. Just upload your artwork or use our web-based text editor to create the label you want.