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Professional Contest Winners Use Address Labels

Win More Raffles Using Address Labels

Raffle Box with Tickets Sticking out of Slot
Stick Address Labels on Raffle Entries

Have you ever heard of professional contest winners? Some of them are talented writers or videographers, but others simply enter a lot of drawings. These sweepstake winners enter hundreds of contents and stuff boxes that have no restrictions on the number of entries. Although, this greatly increases the chance of winning, it is too time consuming to handwrite all the entry forms.

One contest winner trick is placing address stickers on official entry forms. Make sure to carry your address labels so that you can quickly enter a contest the next time you visit you favorite retailer. Just peel off a label, stick it to the form, and drop it in the box.

Just make sure that you read the official rules carefully to make sure that the contest or drawing allows address labels. Some drawings prefer labels because labels are easier to read than hand-written entries.

You can order customized labels for contest entries that include your phone number along with your address.