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Address Labels Make Excellent Property ID Tags

ID Labels Increase Your Chance of Finding Lost or Stolen Items

ID Labels on Various Items
Put ID Labels on Your Valuables

You can use address labels for much more than just mailing. An address label also duplicates as an ID tag. When you identify your property, you greatly increase the likelihood of successfully claiming your lost items. For example, during social gatherings, it is common for an item to be accidently claimed by someone because it looks similar to an item they own. And when the person realizes their mistake, they have no way of knowing to whom to return the item. Avoid situations like these by placing an identification label on your property.

Some Ideas for Using Address Labels as ID Tags:

  • Cookware/Food Storage Containers: Place ID stickers on the outside of crock pots and plastic food storage containers.

  • Electronics: Stick labels on cell phones, smart phones, pda, cd players, hand-held gaming devices, MP3 players, tablet computers, laptops, computer, camera and photography equipment.

  • Luggage: Make sure you label the smaller items within your luggage too, just in case your bag is damaged and contents are dispersed.

  • Media: Identify books, CDs, DVDs, video games, albums, audio tapes, VHS tapes should be labeled so your friends will know to whom to return the item.

  • School Supplies: Solve the problem of lost backpacks, books, coats and lunch boxes by labeling them.

  • Sporting Goods: Place address labels on golf club shafts, baseball bats, bags, skis, baseball gloves, helmets, bikes, fishing equipment so that you can quickly identify your items.

  • Tools: Make it easier for your neighbor to return your tools so that your items aren’t “borrowed” forever.